Canadian National Smallbore Championships

Report from our Athletic Program Coach

Thought the club might be interested in this event that just took place in Toronto on the week of 24 Aug to 27 Aug. I took two of our athletes and myself to Toronto for two events including Air Rifle and Sporting Rifle (.22). In the Air Rifle event Club Members Sullivan Fagan came in 6th overall and Sera Nami came in 2nd (silver). The Air event is a 1200 point match where the athletes shoot 60 shots on electronic targets over a 1 hour and 15 minute period on two consecutive days. The second event was the .22 Sporting Rifle where they again shoot 60 shots each on two consecutive days for a total of 1200 points. Each day they shoot three 20 shot relays each of 30 minutes with only 10 minutes in between each relay. Sera Nami came in second in the Expert class for the Silver and Sully came in 3rd for the Bronze also in the Expert class. Even this old coach managed to grab a gold in two categories. One in the Expert class and one in the Veteran class (I guess I haven’t lost the touch yet!).

Both of our athletes have done very well and continue to strive to reach their goal of qualifying for the Canadian National High Performance Team.

Pat Landals Provincial Coach BC Target Sports

Editor Note: Congratulations Sera and Sullivan, very well done!!!

Road Maintenance & Bay access

Week of July 8 – 12 the Grader will be out on the road again. Unfortunately we do not have an exact date at this time. Please make sure to adhere to the speed limits and be careful around corners and other sections where you can’t see far ahead.

Please be reminded to NOT drive in to the Bays. Also don’t drive where the fence was. 
The fence was taken down to allow heavy equipment to work around the bays to construct the footings for the new shelters etc NOT to drive in to the bays or closer to them for everday use.
The fencing will soon go up again (once all the repair and improvements have been done.
So PLEASE stop on the north side of the ditch as before and stop creating more work and cost.

BCRA Target Rifle and F Class Championships Aug 9-12 at KTSA

The KTSA has been approached by the British Columbia Rifle Association to host their annual Target Rifle and F Class Provincial Championship matches.

These will take place from the 9-12 August and will comprise shooting at distances of 300 and 500 metres and 900 yards.
All shooting will be scored on electronic targets.
Tablets will be supplied if necessary.
For the first time the BCRA will allow shooting from a bench for those competitors who have difficulty shooting from the prone position.
This is an invite to all interested shooters to compete.
Membership in the BCRA is mandatory and can be obtained on the BCRA website.
Interested shooters who are not competing are encouraged to support this prestigious event and come out and watch.

More information may be obtained by contacting Mark Anderson at the POWDERKEG Gun Shop.

Good shooting to all!

PowderKeg, Kamloops