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Passing of Life Member

Life member Paul Reibin passed away on the morning of May 12th, 2022. A gathering in his memory will take place on Saturday May 21st, 2022 at 1:00pm at the Frick and Frack restaurant. Please RSVP to Mark Anderson at . 250-554-3425 or 250-299-4550.

BCRA Target Rifle and F Class Championships Aug 9-12 at KTSA

The KTSA has been approached by the British Columbia Rifle Association to host their annual Target Rifle and F Class Provincial Championship matches.

These will take place from the 9-12 August and will comprise shooting at distances of 300 and 500 metres and 900 yards.
All shooting will be scored on electronic targets.
Tablets will be supplied if necessary.
For the first time the BCRA will allow shooting from a bench for those competitors who have difficulty shooting from the prone position.
This is an invite to all interested shooters to compete.
Membership in the BCRA is mandatory and can be obtained on the BCRA website.
Interested shooters who are not competing are encouraged to support this prestigious event and come out and watch.

More information may be obtained by contacting Mark Anderson at the POWDERKEG Gun Shop.

Good shooting to all!

PowderKeg, Kamloops

F-Class – 2019 Art Bourne Memorial Match Results + Report

Click here for the results

We had a decent weather on Saturday day to shoot to 500 meters.  It didn’t rain as forecast and the winds were low.

However, Sunday was a different story.  The winds were somewhat light but crazy tricky to shoot in.

32 shooters showed up and interestingly most were from out of town.  We only had a few local shooters due to a match in Homestead, Alberta in preparation to the Westerns being held July 1st long weekend.

We are starting to get a lot of interest form Lower mainland shooters.  Also, had the Alberta shoot not conflicted we would have had over 40 shooters.

Great time was had by all marking the beginning of the F-Class shooting season.

Next match will be in September which is the Bob Hobbs memorial.

Spring March Shoot Report

We had a beautiful weekend with some of the best and calmest shooting conditions I have ever seen.

We shot both 300 and 500 meters. We shoot these ranges in the spring and fall as the weather can be unpredictable.

29 shooters showed up and the interesting thing was 5 shooters came from Alberta and several more form the LML. We are getting more and more interest from the LML.

The highlights of the shoot included not one but two perfect 75-15V targets. Brad Trayner shot a perfect score at 300 meters and Greg Delinheer shot the same at 500 meters. In our rules if you shoot a perfect score then you keep shooting until you drop a V. Greg actually shot 19 rounds in a row into a 2 1⁄2” circle at 500 m!!

This is extremely hard and the last perfect score was in 2016 by Sue Baardsen in the Frosty Farky in Ocotber at 500 m.

This match featured competitor pulled targets saving a large amount of money which was returned to the club.

Great time was had by all marking the beginning of the shooting season.

2018 Western F-Class Championship

The 2018 Western F-Class Championship will be hosted at the KTSA outdoor long range facilities. This is a 900y shooting event and the regular long range and 10 Bays are closed during the event dates (June 28 – July 1st 2018). Event participant access to the 900y shooting platform only.

Upper Short and Archery range open. No change to the velocity and caliber restrictions for the short range during those times.

Download application here.