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2018 Western F-Class Championship

The 2018 Western F-Class Championship will be hosted at the KTSA outdoor long range facilities. This is a 900y shooting event and the regular long range and 10 Bays are closed during the event dates (June 28 – July 1st 2018). Event participant access to the 900y shooting platform only.

Upper Short and Archery range open. No change to the velocity and caliber restrictions for the short range during those times.

Download application here.

George Farquharson inducted in to the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame

The late George Farquharson made a tremendous impact on the sport of target shooting.
He created the F-Class, a category of competition named in his honour.
George Farquharson passed away in 1995.

“It’s made shooting in many places more popular,” says his son David Farquharson. “It’s spread it to various places in the World – he started it to make it possible for older guys to still be able to compete. At the same time it made the younger guys enjoy the shooting more, because it was more accurate.”

Source and Video: CFJC

Bob Hobbs F-Class Shooting event cancelled

We have had such dry conditions and because of this our Kamloops KTSA Range is still CLOSED. Due to this we are going to have to cancel the Bob Hobbs Match which was going to be held on Sept 23 + 24, 2017.
If you have not received an email about the cancellation and reading this now on our Website, please contact Brad Traynor and confirm you got the message, we want to make sure everyone knows about it.
We will be refunding any paid entry fees.
I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience but this is out of our control.
Also there are only a couple positions left for the Frosty Farky Match on October 28+29, 2017 if you would like to enter don’t wait or it will be too late. Entry Forms can be downloaded here.