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Firearms Training at KTSA

Veritac Solutions is coming to KTSA!

Veritac’s module-based training courses are designed by our instructors based upon numerous years of operational experience within tactical, austere and non-permissive environments, and is an excellent platform to gain practical knowledge backed by scenario-based teaching methods.

While our courses have a focus on professional end-users, a lot of our curriculum directly translates to benefiting competitive and recreational shooting.

Our Graduated Learning Program begins with:

Pistol 1 (Mar 13-14 & Apr 3-4)
Pistol 2 (Apr 17-18)
Pistol 3 (May 8-9)

And then moves on to even more advanced courses such as:

Pistol Movement 1 (Jun 18-20)
Pistol Movement 2 (Jul 10-11)

Click here:

This is your opportunity to get current and advanced firearms and tactics training without having to make a drive to the lower mainland!

More of our course offerings can be found at or contact us at

Vortex Rimfire Race Guns

EVENT: AUGUST 31, 2020 (Monday)

Here is an invitation to come out and join a fairly new affordable adventure in the .22lr shooting community “Vortex Rimfire Race Guns”!It is a .22lr event, because it is fairly new there will even be loaners to give it a try if you don’t have a .22lr but bring what you got just see where you can enter, be it pistol or rifle or both!!

If you are curious of what this is have a look at this video (this is related to the course of fire for Kamloops August 31, 2020).

If you’re ready to come out and give it a try and meet some people and have fun here’s the link. Look for the Kamloops Fast Guns.

Hope to see some KTSAer’s out for a fun event!

Darrin Ostapowich

CRPS Match Aug 30, 2020

We are proud to announce the return of the CRPS by Eley to Kamloops KTSA for 2020!

The Canadian Rimfire Precision Series had their Canadian Western National Finals at the KTSA in the fall of 2019 and now they are swinging back for a 2020 event!

If you are interested in learning more of the CRPS by Eley event on August 30, 2020
If you are fired up to get in then here’s the events page and registration is open for business!

Still curious? Here’s a quick promo from 2018 from a winter shoot (don’t worry ours in August should be warmer).

and by the way KTSA has had spectacular local club Rimfire PRS events the last couple years if you would like to see what your .22lr rimfire rifle can do!

Project Mapleseed Fundamentals Aug 29, 2020

Hi,  KTSA  members.
I just want to give our KTSA members a heads up and first crack to the 15 spots available for a Project Mapleseed Fundamentals event on Saturday Aug 29, 2020 at the Short Range.
This particular event will be a .22lr rifle only event with instruction of rifle fundamentals, If you have not heard of them may I encourage you to check them out on their various pages and media profiles such as two episodes on “Canada Downrange” from Season 1

Youtube links:
Episode 6:
Episode 9:

Facebook search: Project Mapleseed

For Eventbrite information and sign up:

Hope to see some KTSAer’s there!
Darrin Ostapowich
Project Mapleseed Instructor, BC 


UPDATE: Shoot has been cancelled because of the CoViD-19 pandemic

.22 Rim Fire Rifle Only


Iron Sight Class & Optic Sight Class
Standard silhouette and surprise non-silhouette paper targets shot at the 20 yard indoor range
Standard silhouette rules for standing position – no special clothing allowed (40 Round Match)
Spotting scopes allowed (recommended) at shooting stations.  Four 10shot relays – shot in 2 -5 shot strings
Awards for first, second & third in both classes as well as one award for top lady in each class

WHERE: Kamloops Target Sports Association Indoor Range
753 Lansdowne Street

WHEN: Sunday March 29, 2020
Range opens at 09:00 / Shooting starts at 10:00

$30.00 ENTRY FEE
No Lunch – But coffee and cookies included
Soda Pop & Bottled Water available

DOOR PRIZE – Your Choice
Ruger 10-22 Package. All Black Synthetic Stock

With Scope and a Hard Carry Case –
OR $ 350.00 Powderkeg Store Credit
OR $300.00 Cash
Valid PAL required to claim firearm  “Door Prize”

(must shoot to qualify for Door Prize)

Kamloops, B.C.

Don Morphy: 250-319-1916  or  Andrew Campbell: 250-320-0815

Canadian National Smallbore Championships

Report from our Athletic Program Coach

Thought the club might be interested in this event that just took place in Toronto on the week of 24 Aug to 27 Aug. I took two of our athletes and myself to Toronto for two events including Air Rifle and Sporting Rifle (.22). In the Air Rifle event Club Members Sullivan Fagan came in 6th overall and Sera Nami came in 2nd (silver). The Air event is a 1200 point match where the athletes shoot 60 shots on electronic targets over a 1 hour and 15 minute period on two consecutive days. The second event was the .22 Sporting Rifle where they again shoot 60 shots each on two consecutive days for a total of 1200 points. Each day they shoot three 20 shot relays each of 30 minutes with only 10 minutes in between each relay. Sera Nami came in second in the Expert class for the Silver and Sully came in 3rd for the Bronze also in the Expert class. Even this old coach managed to grab a gold in two categories. One in the Expert class and one in the Veteran class (I guess I haven’t lost the touch yet!).

Both of our athletes have done very well and continue to strive to reach their goal of qualifying for the Canadian National High Performance Team.

Pat Landals Provincial Coach BC Target Sports

Editor Note: Congratulations Sera and Sullivan, very well done!!!