General Information

We have recently advanced the archery component of the club. We will initially focus on these areas:

3-D Archery
This is one of North America’s fastest growing sports. It consists of shooting burlap sacs (called a “Bag Course”) or 3-D foam animals of varying distances. This sport was originally developed for hunting practice and is now shot by many non-hunters because of its competitive nature.

Target archery
This is when a series of arrows are shot at a target on a flat field at a known distance.

Our outdoor range has targets from 10 – 60 yards, which are suitable for arrows with field points. Arrows with broadheads are not to be used for shooting at club targets. Nor are club targets to be used as a back-stop for arrows with broadheads. You CAN practice with broadheads at the outdoor range but you MUST bring your own broadhead target. Anyone found to be damaging club targets in this way will be asked to leave.

During the warmer months, a club night is held at the outdoor range. During the winter, the club night will be at a location to be defined. Check our outdoor resp. indoor range calendar for exact days, times and location. Current KTSA members can drop in. There will be a couple club nights over the holidays that will be cancelled.

As well as the flat range of targets at set distances we have acess to a good-sized walk-around course that is used for our annual 3D club competition. Through out the year it is referred to as the “bag course” as it is set up with hanging Hessian bags depicting animal images. If you are walking the bag course please take care to check if there are any archers in front of you buy calling out and being vigilant at all times. Our animal 3D targets are not left out year-round due to their being damaged by the elements, etc. If you don’t know where the bag course is and would like an introduction to it (or any other information contact us, click here for contact details).
Checkout this short video aired on Shaw TV