Q: Where can I get an application to join the KTSA?
A: You can download the applicationĀ here . If you are a renewing member (must have valid membership that has not lapsed for more than 2 years) you can bring the filled out form and payment to the Horse Barn and get a new Sticker and Key immediately or mail it to:
KTSA, Box 744, Kamloops B.C., V2B 5M4.
If you are a new member or your membership has lapsed for more than 2 years download the application and call our Orientation Officer to setup an appt for a Orientation Session. Contact Details on page 2 of the Application.
Fees are outlined on the applicationĀ Form here.

Q: What are the Ranges opening hours?
A: The Indoor Range is open as per schedule. Access to the outdoor range is unsupervised with personal Key. Open from dawn til dusk. Night shooting generally not allowed but the club organizes occasionally night shoots which will be announced on the website, via email and social media.

Q: When can I get a key and when can I start shooting?
A: Once you have downloaded and filled out your application you must make contact and arrange an appointment with our orientation officer (see page 2 of our application form for contact details). He will go through our safety requirements and introduce you to the various ranges available to you at the KTSA. After completing the orientation the officer will give you a key to the main gate. It is also suggested you download and read our “Range Rules and Safety Policy” which can be found here.

Q: Do I require a PAL to join the club?
A: No you don’t need a PAL to join the club (eg Archery Shooters), but to legally own a firearm in Canada you must be federally licensed.

Q: Can I bring guests to the range?
A: A guest can visit the range once without becoming a member.

Q: Do I have to sign in when I use the range?
A: Yes. There are presently 2 sign in locations, one at the short range and one sign in Shed at the gate at the lower ranges.