Lost & Found

You lost or found something? Please write us an email to lostnfound@ktsa.ca with the details and we will publish it here.
We will not publish any Names/Contacts to protect your privacy.
Items found can be brought to the Powderkeg, they kindly offer this service to our club.
If you do have an item to pick up please do not go to the Powderkeg, contact us by email or call Don Morphy our Range warden (250-319-1916) to arrange pick up.


Ford Truck Key on flashlight keychain lost in Bay with zip line target. on – Thu Aug 6 2020

Laser Range Finder – Mon Oct 2020 RL

Wheeler Fat Wrench in a black case with a business card inside from a coastal gun shop – Thu Oct 20, 2020 DD


Various Things Found by Range Warden from late Sept to early/mid Oct 2020
1x front rifle rest


1x 8 stud fancy center cover
Owners can claim by identifying – Posted Oct 13, 2020 DM
A pair of hearing protectors been turned in – Oct 29, 2020 DM
Folding knife Bay #1 – Nov 15, 2020 JM
claim by emailing lostnfound@ktsa.ca
Found – one pocket knife. – Nov 27, 2020
Owner may claim by identification. – Email/Call Range Warden
Carpenters level – Jan 18, 2021
Owner can claim by identifying said level – Email/Call Range Warden