IPSC Warm Up Fun Match May 13th 2018

May 13th 2018 the KTSA IPSC Group will hold a fun match at our Outdoor Range. First Shoot 9:30am. Six Stages, 180 rds. Registration open at 8am. Match cost $25. Bring your own lunch and drinks.

Setup is Sat May 12th @9am. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Work Party – Outdoor Range closed

The Directors have planned a work party to clean up the range and re-organize the ever growing fleet of C-Cans for the summer.
Our Range is hosting many high caliber events this year (BC Provincial Small Bore Championship, F Class Western Nationals, IPSC BC Provincial Championship to name a few) and a variety of big IPSC, F Class Matches and Cowboy Action Fun Shoots.
We can be proud of the range we have, its one of the finest in the Province.
When: Saturday and Sunday May 5th + 6th  9am-5pm
Where? We meet at the Club house.
What is closed? The whole Range, all bays will be closed during the work party. The faster we are done the faster we can re-open.
BBQ lunch and refreshments will be supplied.
If you got any time to spare, 2 hours, half a day, a full day. Anything is appreciated. Many hands make light work so to speak.

George Farquharson inducted in to the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame

The late George Farquharson made a tremendous impact on the sport of target shooting.
He created the F-Class, a category of competition named in his honour.
George Farquharson passed away in 1995.

“It’s made shooting in many places more popular,” says his son David Farquharson. “It’s spread it to various places in the World – he started it to make it possible for older guys to still be able to compete. At the same time it made the younger guys enjoy the shooting more, because it was more accurate.”

Source and Video: CFJC

Gunshow reminder and call for Volunteers

Dear Members,

we just wanted to quickly remind you that your Clubs annual Gunshow is this coming weekend April 21 & 22 2018 https://www.ktsa.ca/gunshow-2/visitors/
We hope to see many of you. You can also renew your Membership Sat and Sun at the Gunshow, look for the KTSA membership table.
We also like to ask for a few hours of your time to help us setup and take down. If you have a couple hours (or more) to spare Friday @8am at McArthur Island Sports Centre – 12th Street South for setup of tables etc, and a couple hours Sun 4pm for take down we would appreciate it very much.
Thank you!

Multi-Gun Night Shoot (April 27 2018)

When: April 27th, set up starts at 6pm, Match begins at DARK!
Where: Bay 1 KTSA bays

Set up starts at 6 pm. The more helpers the better the stages.

This match is for all those people interested in shooting in the dark. There will be
2 stages. Each stage will use 2 firearms. Rifle and pistol on stage 1. Shotgun and
pistol on stage 2. Semi-auto firearms are not required. Revolvers, lever action,
pump, break open and bolt guns are all welcome

Check out this Video for an impression https://goo.gl/AeFhYE

For more details please click here

C-71 – Please take action

Dear Membership,

firearms are a very emotional topic for many. But even if looked at C-71 more or less rational there is flaws in it. If you have a few minutes to spare please read this blog article and if you agree in the general view express your support by going to onevoice.

At the very least if your support the cause please consider signing https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1608

which is not taking much of your time at all (1 min and then a confirmation email).