2017 SASS Canadian Nationals cancelled

It is with profound regret I must announce the cancellation of the 2017 SASS Canadian National Cowboy Action and Wild Bunch Championships at the KTSA venue in Kamloops, B.C. slated for August 30 to September 03.

I most sincerely apologize for this decision and the inconvenience it causes everyone! However, due to the existing extreme wild fire situation in B.C. at this time, it would not be prudent to try to continue with this venue. The Province is under an extended State of Emergency Notice, as I write this. New fires are reported every day.

Your safety is paramount in this decision.

Our shooting range has been closed due to fire concerns since July 10th. We have already had a fire at the range July 03, which required a ground crew and 4 water bombers to contain.

Thank you for your understanding in these most difficult times. Our club will begin processing refunds immediately.

Gunfighter Jim, Match Director
Aka- Jim Sloper, President, Kamloops Target Sports Association

Indoor Range shooting opportunities while outdoor range closed

As you know, there is normally little activity at the indoor range over the summer months.  Because the closure of our outdoor range has stretched on for a few weeks, we are adding shooting opportunities indoors.

This coming week, on Tuesday Aug. 1st, the indoor range will be open 12- 3 pm for pistol and rimfire rifle.

We would like to expand indoor shooting times, so if you are a trained RO with key and code access to the range, and would be willing to take charge of a session, please get in touch so we can set up some more times.

Immediate Outdoor Range Closure

UPDATE 15. Sept 2017: Range is open again 

Dear Members,

as many of you have seen, heard and even been affected, our province is in a state of emergency. Its very dry out there and relieve is not in sight for the near future.
Because of those dry conditions the KTSA Board of Directors decided to close the outdoor range as per immediate and until further notice.
Once the weather conditions change we will review the closure and inform again.
Thank you very much for your understanding!

Important Reminder!

As the drought continues the conditions at the outdoor ranges have become more critical.
We need to be even more aware of the need to be extra careful on club property.
Make sure to put out your cigarettes. Since all the bays have bark mulch in them it is probably a good idea to not smoke if you are in one of the bays. (common sense maybe)
The club has a no incendiary devices policy. (see the KTSA Range Rules) That means no exploding targets, no smoke bombs, no flash bangs, no tracer ammunition and at this time no open fires.
Be extra careful please. If you have any doubt about what you are doing, don’t do it.
We do not want to close the range to everyone, but if it becomes necessary we will.

Don Morphy
KTSA Range Warden

F-Class Results

Members of the Kamloops F-Class were last weekend (June 10 and 11) in Mission and finished pretty darn good:
Mark Anderson placed 2nd in FTR
Carl Faessler placed 4th in F-Open
Dion St Jean placed 3rd in F-Open
Brad Traynor won 1st Place in F – Open and also had the high score for the match.
​Check out Photos and Results.
​Congratulations guys!!!